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The Risk of Not Understanding Your Maintenance Responsibilities

The Risk of Not Understanding Your Maintenance Responsibilities

Getting into the business of renting properties is a huge endeavor. It's great when it's time to collect rent, but what about handling maintenance responsibilities?

Even if you’re doing preventative maintenance regularly, landlord repair obligations are tasks you’ll need to plan for all year. When something goes wrong and needs fixing, there’s much to consider.

Who will do the repairs? How quickly should you fix things? Who is responsible for the costs, you or the tenant?

The answers to these questions aren’t always the same based on your state. Here are some general guidelines to help you make faster decisions while processing maintenance requests.

What are Maintenance Responsibilities?

Before a tenant moves in, property management staff must check the premises and make any repairs needed to ensure the unit is safe. There should be no dangerous conditions that the tenant doesn't know about.

The maintenance coordinator must inspect the property to ensure everything is running properly. During the tenancy, the property maintenance staff has to take care of the property.

They must ensure the building is in good shape and can handle normal loads. Other maintenance tasks include ensuring the locks and keys work, trees are trimmed, and the exterior is up to code.

Outside garbage receptacles and common areas should be kept clean and safe to avoid insects and rodents.

Annual Maintenance Schedule

It's a good idea to have an annual inspection checklist. Whether the unit is occupied or not, you should inspect the following:

  • electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • roof
  • Windows and Doors

When routine maintenance responsibilities are neglected, it hurts the property's rating. In addition, the property can quickly fall into disrepair

Maintenance Tracking Systems

Not only do tenants have a right to clean and safe housing, but the owner is also obligated to address property maintenance requests promptly.

To encourage tenants to report issues, utilize an online maintenance request portal. Require tenants to report maintenance issues immediately. Next, ensure your property management team monitors and schedules repairs within 24 hours.

Who is Responsible for Repairs?

Sometimes, the property maintenance coordinator must hire contractors for major or unique issues. Still, the maintenance staff should assess the issue to ensure the tenant that the problem is getting resolved.

Next, hire a contractor to come in and repair the damage. If the tenant has to leave the premises, refer to the tenant's lease agreement to see who is responsible for their temporary housing and repair costs

The owner should take care of the expenses to resolve the matter quickly.

Do You Need Property Management?

A full-service property management company can take on your maintenance responsibilities. These companies offer tenant portals so they can report maintenance issues.

Are you in need of property management to do more than lease your property and collect rent? Give your Hampton Roads property the attention it deserves. We specialize in connecting property owners with the resources needed to maintain rentals.

Contact our team at Renters Warehouse for help finding the right property maintenance team.