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If you’ve reviewed our pricing page, you know that we don’t offer one pricing option that might (or might not) fit your needs. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all solution’ to property management services when you want to build long-term investment income through real estate—and we don’t offer one-size-fits-all services, either.

Every investor and every property is different; At Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads, we offer pricing options that reflect this.

That said, every pricing plan we provide comes with a few perks and guarantees that other property management companies don’t offer. No matter which pricing and service plan is the right fit for you and your needs in the Coastal Virginia rental market, you get these six benefits to help make your real estate investments more successful when you choose Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads!

No Marketing

No Marketing Fees

You won’t pay us any marketing fees—but that doesn’t mean we don’t market your properties! You can’t generate income without renters who pay the rent, and your ideal renters can’t find your property without a robust, professional marketing strategy.

We believe you shouldn’t pay extra for excellent marketing.

Marketing to get the word out about your rental is a fundamental and essential part of your success as a real estate investor. It doesn’t do you any good to hire us to manage your Hampton Roads properties without renters—and we don’t charge extra for our efforts to make sure you have a high-quality, paying renter in your property with minimal vacancy times.

What Do Our Marketing Services Include?

    • Listing your property on all major advertising sites
    • Professional photos (depending on your service plan)
    • A leasing agent dedicated to getting your property rented fast—and for top dollar
    • Aggressive social media marketing to get the word out from every angle
    • Radio marketing.

Our professional Hampton property management offerings include our marketing services—for no additional fees—with any of our pricing plans.


No Upfront Fees

You don’t pay us until we do the work! We don’t collect any pre-payments or upfront fees to get started working for you. We’d rather get to work right away, start proving ourselves, and kickstart your income before we collect any payments from you. We hope that sounds good to you!

Our ‘No Upfront Fees Policy’ means:

  • Property owners don’t pay anything until we lease your property
  • You can get started at no cost
  • You have nothing to lose as an investor!

It’s risk-free to let our Rent Estate™ Advisors start applying our expertise to your rental properties. You don’t have to wait for a check to clear or save up a down payment for our expert Hampton property management services to start working for you. You’ll enjoy a boost to your income before we charge you any fees.

No Contracts

No Restrictive Contracts

We know you’ll love working with us and enjoy the better income and ROI you’ll experience as an investor with our expert services handling your investment properties. However, we also believe that our property management services shouldn’t be hampered by restrictive contracts.

  • Our team of Rent Estate™ Advisors is going to work hard for you from the beginning—and every day that we continue to earn your business.
  • We hit the ground running and quickly apply our best strategies to help you manage costs, build cash flow, find the best properties in Coastal Virginia (if you’re ready to grow), and experience the short-term success you need to see now that supports your long-term income goals.

If at any time you feel like we’re not meeting your expectations (for any reason), you won’t get stuck behind a restrictive contract. We understand that despite our best efforts, you might prefer something else.

We Make Choosing Property Management Services Easy

While we’ll hate to see you go if we have an opportunity to show our value, if you need to cancel your services for any reason, we make the process simple.

  • Just give us 30 days’ notice if your property has a renter.
  • Choosing our Professional Service Package means you can cancel without paying cancellation fees.

We want to continue to earn your business, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to hear your concerns and work hard to make it right. However, if it’s time to go, we understand. Our pricing plans and agreements won’t hold you back or make it difficult to go if you decide our professional full-service property management isn’t the best for your investment success.

Best Rental Pricing

The Best Rental Pricing

There’s never a good reason to lowball the pricing for your rental property. Achieving shorter vacancy cycles doesn’t mean we reduce the monthly rent below what market research tells us it should be—just to find a new renter faster. We’ll never sacrifice the rent price to place a renter, and we guarantee that we’ll find quality renters for you with the ideal monthly rent for your property.

When the rent is too low, you lose money. Even with a renter in your Coastal Virginia property, you’re collecting less money every month than your property should earn when the price isn’t high enough for your rental property.

However, if the price is too high, that’s not the ‘best’ price, either. An overpriced rental property won’t attract a renter willing to pay more than what is reasonable for your property. You lose money every month that your property sits empty when the price is too high.

The solution to this problem is finding the ‘bullseye’ price for your rental homes—and it’s part of our guarantees with any of our full-service property management pricing plans. It’s not too high, and it’s not too low: it’s just right.

The best price is the monthly rental rate that attracts the best quality renters, covers all of your property’s expenses, and leaves money in your pocket at the end of each month. Our Rent Estate™ Advisors ensure that:

  • You get top dollar for your property
  • Our free rental price analysis shows you the rate you can expect beforehand
  • An annual analysis of your property is conducted to see if the market supports a rental rate increase.

A property’s rental rate should be competitive for the Coastal Virginia market. There’s also no ‘one-rate-fits-all’ solution for every property in your portfolio. With our access to up-to-date research and professional property management analysis, we’ll apply the best price to each of your rental properties to maximize your income.

Certified tennat

We Offer Our Certified Tenant Warranty

Your rental property doesn’t make money without a renter to pay the rent—but not all renters are a good fit for your property.

When you choose Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads, we don’t settle for just ‘any’ renter to live in your rentals, and we guarantee our best work to find high-quality residents for your investment properties. Because we believe in our tenant screening process and the quality of the renters we place in your property, we offer our investors a Certified Tenant Warranty.

What Our Warranty Provides

  • We guarantee any renter that we place for up to 18 months (depending on the length of lease).
  • If a renter that we place defaults, we will replace them quickly—at no additional expense to you.

You cannot experience success as a real estate investor without renters or with poor-quality residents. We make sure you don’t have to deal with a bad renter or Serial Squatter, and we guarantee the renters we place—or we fix it.

Tenant Screening Is Always in Season

Even when experiencing a slow leasing season when it’s hard to find a new renter, we never skip or cheat on our screening process. The risk of placing a bad resident in your property isn’t worth it!

Bad renters cause property damage, refuse to pay the rent, and can be difficult to remove from your rental after they move in. We prefer to avoid those situations and reduce the potential for risky renters—no matter how much work we have to put into finding the best renter for your property.

With our tenant screening process, we dig beyond what an applicant puts on their rental application to learn more about a person before we allow them into your property. Our screening process includes:

  • Credit history and score
  • Employment and income verification
  • Prior rental history, including defaults or evictions
  • A valid ID
  • Social Security number verification
  • Criminal history
  • Reference checks.

We’re thorough because it matters! You lose money if we choose a renter that causes problems in your property—and that’s not a risk we any of our investors to ever have to face. We never skip a step or pick a shortcut when it’s time to evaluate a potential renter for your property.

We stand behind our tenant screening process and selections with our Certified Tenant Warranty because we take renter selection seriously—and you shouldn’t have to pay for it if one of our screened residents turns out to be a bad decision for your property.

You never have to worry about what happens if a bad renter moves in—and you won’t have to pay for a replacement if our chosen resident doesn’t work out as we hoped.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind Rental Property Maintenance

Keeping up with rental property maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for many real estate investors.

  • Even one property presents plenty of need for routine maintenance and essential repairs.
  • If you want to grow your portfolio with more properties, you add more maintenance work to pursue real estate investment success.
  • Doing routine maintenance yourself is time-consuming, can be dangerous, and is often more expensive than you think.
  • Juggling contractors to handle the work for you requires vetting vendors before allowing them to enter a property, negotiating pricing, and coordinating services to accommodate vendor and renter schedules.

It’s overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be!

With our professional full-service property management plans, you can enjoy peace of mind and never have to handle rental property maintenance again! No more late-night or weekend calls about broken toilets or leaking pipes. No more dealing with vendors, paying invoices, or frustrations about overpriced repairs and poor-quality work.

What Our Peace of Mind Maintenance Covers

  • We have dedicated staff to handle any and all maintenance requests:
    Many maintenance requests are timely and shouldn’t wait for someone to get to them (eventually). A request won’t sit in anyone’s inbox because we have staff dedicated to handling every request promptly and accurately.
  • Our maintenance team provides clear communication between owners and residents:
    Before we schedule an expensive repair, we let you know. While we work hard to manage repairs and maintenance to stay within your budget, sometimes things happen. You’ll know what went wrong, what we need to do to fix it, how much it costs, and we’ll communicate with your renters to get it scheduled and completed.
  • We have a 24/7 maintenance line for emergencies:
    Renters don’t have to wonder if their midnight maintenance request will sit in a voicemail system until Monday morning—and you don’t have to answer late-night calls that get you out of bed. We’re here to handle it all.

We have vetted contractors in place to handle any type of maintenance and repair need for your properties. With our network of safe-for-your-rentals vendors, we protect your properties and renters, respond promptly to emergencies, and reduce repair costs (even after hours).

But That’s Not All

  • The Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads team also keeps up with a routine schedule of inspections and preventative maintenance for every rental property.
  • We know that one of the biggest reasons renters don’t renew a lease is when they experience poorly-handled rental property maintenance services.
  • No one likes to live in a home with constant maintenance issues, serious safety concerns, and maintenance requests that go unanswered for days (or weeks).

We understand that. We can’t blame renters for looking for a new home if they are unhappy with the maintenance—and we work hard to make sure that’s never an issue for your residents.

  • Our Rent Estate™ Advisors address potential maintenance issues proactively to keep renters happy and safe.
  • Our inspections and preventative maintenance services also help preserve your rentals and boost property values.

When we say ‘peace of mind,’ we mean it from every angle! We make sure you experience well-maintained properties, improved property values, and happy renters who love living in your Hampton Roads rental home.

our guarantees

Our Guarantees Are Rental Property ‘Cruise Control’

When you don’t have to worry about the quality of your renters, taking care of maintenance or repairs, or waiting for us to get started on improving your rental property income, you experience property management cruise control! All you have to do is say ‘go,’ and we get to work.

That work includes the expert Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads team helping you reach your financial goals through our property management services — without any need to worry about what we’re doing, how we’re serving you, or if you’ll see results. We lay it all out for you—and we get to work before you ever pay us a penny.

Our investors love how easy it is to work with us and experience more income through our services while enjoying:

  • No stress about renters or collecting the rent
  • No worries about if the rental price is too high or too low
  • No extended vacancy periods without effective marketing to find quality residents.
  • No more maintenance emergencies, making trips to the hardware store, or dealing with vendors who take advantage of you with outrageous pricing.

Renters also prefer properties with expert, full-service property management and the services we offer. We make it easy to fall in love with your rentals—and stay as long as your renters would like! When we choose high-quality renters for your properties, we improve renewal rates and build long-term renter relationships to help investors make more money.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know more about these additional perks that are part of our range of pricing and service plans, what are you waiting for? There’s no risk to get our professional Rent Estate™ Advisors working for your properties to see what we can do. The longer you wait to get started, the longer it takes to make more money from your investments!

All of our pricing plans include these six benefits. No matter where you need to start that fits your budget or needs, we’re here to offer the very best property management services in the Hampton Roads area — guaranteed.

Try us! You get our best efforts from the start, and you’ll love what that does for your bottom line. With everything we offer, we know you’ll love experiencing Cruise Control property management with our team of Rent Estate™ Advisors at Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads. Contact us to get started with these benefits and any of our pricing plans!

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