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Navigating Evictions Post-COVID: A Guide for Property Owners

Navigating Evictions Post-COVID: A Guide for Property Owners

Did you know that the average cost of rent in Virginia has risen by around 20% in the last year?

This surge in rent has made it difficult for tenants to pay their fees on time if at all. Among others, this is one reason why eviction may be necessary. If you have one or more tenants you'd like to evict, it's important to follow the rule of law.

Are you wondering how to do it the right way? Keep reading to learn all about navigating evictions post-COVID with this guide for property owners.

Reasons to Start the Eviction Process

Before you get started on certain lease renewals, you may want to assess whether you have certain tenants who should be evicted. The law ensures that landlords can't evict a person because they don't like them for one personal reason or another. Instead, the reason must be valid.

For instance, you'd have to demonstrate that the tenant has committed one or more lease violations. Some of these include not paying on time, engaging in illegal activity, and others.

How to Evict Someone Lawfully

The eviction laws in Virginia state that you have to give the tenant a notice to pay rent that lasts two weeks before you can start the eviction process. Either this, or you can give them a month to quit.

If you don't receive the payment within five days, then you can bring your case to your local Unlawful Detainer and ask for a summons. After this, you and the relevant tenant will receive a court date in which you'll both appear for a hearing.

For the eviction to be successful, the judge will need to rule in favor of the landlord. At that point, the tenant will have an appeal period lasting 10 days.

How to Reduce the Chance of an Eviction

There's no denying that an eviction can end up turning into a nightmare for both the landlord and the tenant. It's often best to avoid an eviction altogether if possible.

One way you can reduce the chance of evictions in the future is by having a more rigorous tenant screening procedure. This is something you can get from a prestigious property management company. The best companies also offer eviction administration so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Are You Ready to Handle Evictions the Right Way?

Now that you've learned all about navigating evictions post-COVID, you can ensure that you don't break the law and that squatters and troublemaking tenants are taken away from your property.

Not only does Renters Warehouse offer comprehensive eviction administration, but we also provide a wide range of other valuable services at an affordable price. From marketing and tenant screening to lease renewal and repair facilitation, our customers always know that they can count on us.

Feel free to contact us with questions if you have any. We look forward to helping you manage your properties.