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Best Places to Invest

Best Places to Invest

Did you know that the Hampton Roads area in Virginia is home to one of the biggest military personnel populations in the entire world? More than 80,000 active-duty military members live in Hampton Roads.

That alone makes all the different parts of Hampton Roads some of the best places to invest in Virginia. You'll be making a smart real estate investment when you purchase a rental property in one of them. It would be worth buying real estate in Hampton Roads and hiring a property management company to help you with it.

There are, however, a few strong investment opportunities that'll be better than all the rest. Check out the best places to invest in Hampton Roads below.

Virginia Beach

With more than 450,000 residents, Virginia Beach is easily the largest city in Virginia. It also lands in the top 40 when it comes to the largest cities in the whole country.

This makes Virginia Beach one of the best places to invest in the Hampton Roads area. It's filled with wonderful amenities, a great job market, and so many of those military members we mentioned earlier.

Virginia Beach is also a tourist hotspot, which could put you in the perfect position to turn a piece of real estate into a short-term rental property with the help of a reliable property management company. You'll be able to make a pretty penny when you make a real estate investment in Virginia Beach.


Chesapeake has a relatively large population with almost 250,000 residents. But despite this, it feels a lot calmer and more quaint than nearby Virginia Beach does. That makes it an appealing investment option for those interested in finding the best places to invest in Hampton Roads.

Similar to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake has so many amenities that people love. This includes excellent schools, tons of fantastic restaurants, and even festivals that are held all year long in the area.

Plus, Chesapeake has some of the most beautiful sights in all of Virginia. It helps make it one of the best places to invest in the state.


Norfolk has right around the same population as Chesapeake. It also has some of the same gorgeous sights that Chesapeake does, thanks to its many parks and its coastline. But Norfolk tends to be a little more lively than Chesapeake is.

Norfolk is home to everything from the Waterside Festival Marketplace and the Chrysler Museum of Art to Chrysler Hall and Harbor Park Stadium. People won't ever run out of fun things to see and do in Norfolk.

Invest in a Rental Property and Let a Property Management Company Help

As you can see, there are so many great places to invest in rental properties in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. You should look into making a real estate investment in one of them soon.

You should also consider hiring a property management company to help you with it. They can handle property marketing, rent collection, maintenance, and more.

Contact Renters Warehouse to discover more about how a property management company can assist you.