If you want to go big as a real estate investor, you'll benefit from choosing rental properties in one of the cities with the largest population in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. As a suburb of Norfolk, VA, Suffolk, VA, is a place investors want to be—with plenty of people and potential real estate investments to help grow your rental property portfolio successfully. 

Suffolk is home to several large corporations that provide significant employment opportunities in the area that appeal to a rental population. With corporations like Unilever, Lipton Tea, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Planters Peanuts, real estate investors can take advantage of the high demand for housing to accommodate the employees of these companies. 

What's the best way to generate significant income from the investment property opportunities in this area? Real estate investors can find the support they need from the best professional Suffolk property management company! Here's how we help property owners grow at Renters Warehouse.

We Keep Renters in Your Properties

Even with plenty of Suffolk, VA residents, and a need for quality single-family homes and multi-family housing, your rental property won't automatically stay occupied year after year. It's a competitive market—and that requires property investors to keep their properties in excellent condition to attract long-term residents and reduce vacancy times

Our Experience Keeps You Competitive

Finding renters is one thing. Keeping them and generating significant long-term income requires the right local experience and industry expertise to make sure investors don't lose money from long-term rentals! 

To reduce vacancies and keep properties occupied with paying residents, Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads applies the right mix of:

  • Rental price analysis and strategy
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Tenant screening techniques
  • Resident management
  • Renewal strategies.

We understand what Suffolk, VA renters want in a rental property! We help property owners in the Suffolk-area rental market maintain homes that renters are looking for—and create property listings that catch their attention. When high-quality rental properties attract better-quality renters, investors make more money! 

We Understand the Area

Real estate investors will find seven unique boroughs in Suffolk, VA. Each borough is designated as a separate voting precinct for city matters. However, the boroughs aren't often a significant factor in your success when purchasing local investment real estate. 

No matter which part you explore when it comes to the Suffolk area, property owners and purchasers here can capitalize on a variety of property types, including older single-family homes, townhomes, and modern apartment buildings. About one-third of the local population rent their homes. With a diversified portfolio, investors can provide a variety of housing options to meet the renter demand and generate more long-term income.

The best Suffolk property management team can easily transition their services to meet the needs (and wants) of renters and investors—no matter the type of properties that work best for your portfolio and ideal renter. From multi-family properties to single-family homes, investors find the best success with an expert property manager who can manage their full portfolio to success!.

We also know what residents love about this area! From biking, boating, or fishing in the Great Dismal Swamp to visiting the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum (when it's open) to learn about the area's rail history, we highlight the best attractions in Suffolk when marketing the locations of your properties.

We Prioritize Maintenance

Different types of properties have different maintenance and repair needs, but one thing is true for investment success across all properties: real estate investors must prioritize maintenance! 

Taking good care of your rental properties can never be an afterthought or something you do after your renter moves out. Suffolk, VA renters look for well-maintained rental homes and property owners that provide prompt and professional responses to maintenance requests.

You might be able to get by (for a while) with some DIY repairs or a quick contractor you use when maintenance issues exceed your skill level. However, to minimize resident turnover and improve the value of your properties, investors must commit to high-quality maintenance services. Thankfully, our property management services make that possible—and then some!

It's a Year-Round, Round-the-Clock Job

Many investors underestimate the time commitment to rental property maintenance. They also forget to budget for routine and emergency repairs. With an expert property manager providing support, investors don't have to worry about these things! Your property manager prioritizes maintenance tasks and services for every property in your portfolio.

Professional maintenance that boosts your investment success includes:

  • Year-round preventative maintenance: The Suffolk, VA weather changes significantly throughout the year. From hot, muggy summers to cold, snowy winters, your rental properties need attention to survive the changing seasons. Our experts perform preventative maintenance tasks to help your rentals (and residents) transition from warm to cold months—then back again. 
  • Vetted contractors for any maintenance need: We don't send just anyone into your rental property to make a repair. Every contractor goes through a thorough vetting process to protect your properties and residents. We also choose contractors that offer competitive pricing and are available when we need them in a hurry.
  • Round-the-clock availability: Maintenance issues don't always happen during our regular office hours. When a pipe bursts or a toilet breaks after hours, we're here to help your residents with a maintenance solution. 

If that sounds like a lot to offer your renters, it is—but it's necessary for real estate investment success. Anything less can turn potential renters away or cause current renters not to renew their lease. When choosing investment properties in Suffolk, investors need professional Suffolk property management services to attract and keep happy residents! 

We Help You Grow

We've mentioned the potential available to investors in the Suffolk rental market—but not every property is the right choice for your portfolio. With a population of around 90,000, excellent housing is a priority to support the area's workforce. Before investors jump to add any available property to grab more of the available rental real estate, it's critical to evaluate the potential and make sure it's a wise investment. 

An expert property manager has the resources investors need to analyze a potential property. We conduct a thorough rental market analysis to help investors:

  • Understand how a property compares to other successful rentals in the neighborhood
  • Determine the estimated rental income compared to ongoing property expenses
  • Evaluate the sale price vs. the potential rental income
  • Decide if a property is the right fit for their portfolio.

The wrong property can ruin your long-term income. A property that needs too many expensive repairs and can't generate enough rental income can impact the revenue from your entire portfolio. With the support of an expert Suffolk property management team, property owners make informed, wise choices when growing a portfolio—and their long-term income. 

We Are the Best Suffolk, VA Property Managers!

Rent Estate™ opportunities abound in Suffolk, VA! Choose the best property managers to make sure your properties meet the needs of the local renter population—and your income goals. We make it easy to choose the best Suffolk property management company and get the most out of investing in this area!

Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads loves Suffolk, VA. From its rich history to the quiet, close-knit community, it's an excellent place to live—and for investors to build a profitable real estate portfolio. From helping property owners renovate properties to meeting local demand, minimizing vacancy times, and providing professional maintenance, our expert Rent Estate™ Advisors make Suffolk a profitable area for investors!

Learn why investors trust us with their rental properties—and how our simple pricing structure makes it easy to benefit from our expert services and make more money. Contact us to get started!

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Oct 15, 2019

The staff is amazing but especially Kaitlyn. She went above and beyond to help with anything I needed! Could not have had a better experience and would highly recommend if you are renting out your property... they make it easy!!

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Cindy Mills made my experience so EASY! She was professional, courteous, and very helpful throughout the entire process. We are looking forward to working with Renters Warehouse moving forward.

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Lana was excellent through the tenant placement process and took care of everything very quickly and professionally. Very easy and smooth process. A++

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Angelique Bolton did an outstanding job of finding new tenants. She kept us up to date and was very responsive and timely to all of my concerns. I highly recommend Angelique.

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I have to say that Cindy Mills is by far one of the best people I've dealt with...not only very informative but has a bright, inspiring personality. We are happy with our location and the services of renters warehouse.

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Oct 25, 2019

Recently relocated to the Hampton Roads area for work at the Shipyard and Lisa was able to find me a place to live in a timely manner and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely recommend!

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Just worked with Cindy Mills, had the property rented in one day on the market.  She's a true pro and did great follow up, making for a smooth transition.

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Lisa was amazing from day one. She took her time explaining everything to me and was always available when I needed to speak with her. I will definitely use them (her) again if ever need.

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Lisa Strack is the very, very best. Alex in the biz dev department is as well. They both quickly helped us list our home for rental and dealt with my many questions and trepidation. I would recommend the pair of them to anyone in the market to list their home. Great Team!!!

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