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Growing a Successful Real Estate Portfolio

The most successful real estate investors know that more properties build more income. When Hampton Roads investors enjoy the profits from one or two rentals, they often want to experience more income to build more long-term wealth.


Protecting Your Investment Property: A Guide

Download the guide to learn how to protect your investment property!!

How to Find the Best Hampton Roads Property Management Company-2

How to Find the Best Hampton Roads Property Management Company

How can investors find the best Hampton Roads property management company? Follow these tips from the experts!


Rentestate Roundtable Podcast

Click here for the latest episodes of our Rentestate Roundtable podcast!


Landlord 101: A Guide for Hampton Roads Investors

For most investors, learning the rental property business is on-the-job training.


Collecting Rent in a Crisis Handbook

How should I collect rent when my tenants can’t pay? Find answers here.


Free Makeready Checklist

There's a lot that goes into making sure both the interior and exterior of each property is move-in ready.


Foolproof Tenant Screening: A Checklist

When you’re a landlord, your success in the rental property business can depend on finding and keeping the best tenants for your properties.


The Perfect Property Listing: It’s More Than a Description

A thorough property listing is more than a description of the house. How can you remember everything a potential renter needs to know about your property?


Free Renter Eviction Checklist

It’s every rental property owner's nightmare. But . . . every investor will eventually have to evict a tenant.


Maintenance Takes Place Year-Round

An annual inspection and tune-up aren't good enough when it comes to maintaining your property year-round.

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