The Chesapeake neighborhoods of Virginia offer investors an excellent variety when it comes to investment properties and high-quality renters. This thriving area offers both white-collar and blue-collar employment that attracts a broad array of professionals and families to the area.

Chesapeake, VA also caters to an active population of armed forces workers. For investment property owners, this mix of job sectors and military families make it an ideal (and profitable) area to own rental properties. 

However, even with plenty of properties and available renters in our rental market, investors will struggle to make money without the best local teams to support their portfolios.

From the Great Bridge neighborhoods to the streets of Deep Creek and Indian River, rental property owners need the best property management services to make Chesapeake neighborhoods a success for rental homes! Here's why. 

Year-Round Maintenance

Did you know that the quality of your maintenance services affects your income? Rundown rental homes won't attract quality renters—and a poorly-maintained rental property probably won't attract renters at all! Without renters, Chesapeake neighborhoods—no matter how profitable—won't make investors any income. 

  • The local renters in this market won't pay to live in a rental property that lacks the proper approach to maintenance and repairs.
  • When they report maintenance issues, they expect a prompt response and high-quality fix.
  • Repeated calls about the same maintenance requests frustrate renters and send them packing at the end of their lease term. 

If you're struggling with routine maintenance services or seasonal preparations to help your properties survive through harsh winters and warm summers, you need help! Investors don't have to handle maintenance on their own. They also don't have to hire multiple contractors, coordinate schedules, and manage invoices to provide better maintenance services. 

One Local Expert Does It All

Hiring a property management company experienced in serving Chesapeake neighborhoods is the only thing investors need to do to take excellent care of rental properties—and keep renters happy. You don't have to juggle contractors or renter maintenance requests. Our team handles everything! 

When you improve the care of your properties, the quality of your renters improves, too. Professional maintenance services also enhance property values and help minimize costs for expensive repairs. 

We do it all, including:

  • Preventive maintenance (year-round) to help your rentals 'weather' every kind of weather
  • Routine, scheduled inspections to keep an eye on properties (and renters)
  • Prompt responses to renter requests—even after-hours emergencies—24/7
  • Coordination of vetted contractors to provide quality repairs and routine maintenance
  • Tracking expenses against your budget to help you save money.

When it comes to your rental properties in Chesapeake neighborhoods, they're in excellent hands with the right property manager. When your rentals receive the best care, your income grows!

Reduced Vacancy Times

A gleaming, well-maintained property is nice—but it won't put money in your pocket until a renter starts paying the rent! However, you're on the path to better renters—faster—with a professionally-maintained property. 

What else does a full-service property management company offer to property owners in Chesapeake neighborhoods? Excellent renters don't find themselves. Bad renters and Serial Squatters will gladly move into your property. However, you don't want them—and don't want you to deal with them, either. 

The keys to making more money from your rentals are finding high-quality renters and reducing the amount of time your properties sit empty. With the right Chesapeake property manager, you have those keys in hand! 

Better Renters Achieved Through a Thorough Screening Process

Every applicant goes through a thorough tenant screening process as we consider the next residents for a property. Without this step, your properties are at risk of bad renters that cause property damage, don't follow the rules, and refuse to pay the rent. 

When terrible residents move into your property, they're difficult to remove without a lengthy and costly legal process. The best way to deal with lousy renters is to avoid them! 

Our screening process makes that possible by:

  • Following the law to avoid discriminatory practices
  • Checking each applicant against the same set criteria
  • Contacting references and learning about prior rental history
  • Reviewing every potential renter's credit history, employment, current income, and criminal background

When we thoroughly review every application's information, we find renters who won't be a good fit—and shouldn't move into your properties. We also find the best renters who will make excellent residents throughout their lease term. 

Marketing Attracts the Best Prospects

Before we can put anyone through a screening process, we need to attract applicants looking for their next home in beautiful Chesapeake neighborhoods! However, effective marketing isn't as simple as posting a sign in the yard or posting a few photos of your property online. 

The quality of your marketing directly impacts the quality of your renters. When you've invested in professional Chesapeake property management, your property is rental-ready and attractive to local renters. However, it won't attract potential renters without getting the word out—the right way. 

Your property manager:

  • Uses analysis to set the ideal monthly rental price
  • Creates a compelling listing that tells the story of your property and generates interest
  • Uses professional photos to capture your property's best angles and features
  • Lists your property on every major rental search site to reach the widest audience of potential renters.

Professional marketing helps generate a pool of quality applicants. From those applicants, our tenant screening process helps narrow down the possibilities to find the very best resident for your property! With the right balance of marketing and screening, we help investors find better renters—then we build long-term relationships with them to improve renewal rates. 

The right full-service property management company finds renters fast and serves them so well that they want to stay for another lease term. It's a winning combination to reduce vacancy times and boost your income.

Property Management Is the Best Investment

Next to your rental properties, an expert property management company with experience serving Chesapeake neighborhoods is the best investment for your success! We help investors prioritize their time, enjoy more free time, and make more money while spending less time doing the hands-on work for successful rental properties. 

Smart investors know that staying competitive in this area can't happen without expert help. We know the market inside and out—and we help investors choose quality upgrades and amenities to attract the right renters—without spending money on things that never pay off. 

The right property manager does everything for you, including collecting the rent, leasing and renewals, maintenance, financial reporting, and helping you find excellent properties when you're ready to grow your portfolio. We're even a tax deduction when it's time to work through annual rental property business taxes. 

Our Rent Estate™ Advisors Are Here for Your Success!

When you invest in Chesapeake neighborhoods, you're involved in an excellent community for real estate investment success. From the diverse population to the variety in property types, investors have a significant opportunity to grow a portfolio and build long-term wealth in this area. 

Investors need a property manager that understands their goals and has the services they need for worry-free real estate investment success. The Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads team is here to support investors with our expert property management services

We offer our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty to make sure you enjoy only the best renters in your properties. You'll also benefit from a simple fee structure behind our services.

It shouldn't be complicated to deliver peace of mind—so we make sure it isn't! Contact us to learn how we can shorten vacancy times and help you make more money.

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Special thanks to Amy with Renters Warehouse! She was able to rent our property in 2 days!! Since this is my first time renting my home I was a bit nervous. However, Renters Warehouse made this a walk in the park for me. It has now been 5 months and I am still very impressed with their professionalism.

Jenny Smith

May 25, 2021

Carlos is definitely a professional landlord!! Always responsive to both my tenants and I, goes above and beyond when I'm unable to make decisions due to my location. He is super helpful and I'm so happy to have him working with our family. He's organized and gets the job done!

Marla Miller Chong

May 23, 2021

Been using renters warehouse for 2 years now on a single family home and I have been very happy with the service our renters warehouse team has given us. We are first time landlords and they made the process very smooth and helped us navigate quite a few challenges.

Daniel Stamatis

Apr 29, 2021

Renters Warehouse has been managing my property for years. Carlos Jerez is my current maintenance coordinator managing my property and has been extremely reliable! Very prompt and always keeping me abreast of every situation. Thank you!

Loureann L

Mar 19, 2021

John Creighton did a great job finding a quality tenant in just 2 days! He made showings extremely accommodating for our schedules and was quick to respond with any questions we had. Renters Warehouse has been managing our properties for several years and couldn’t be more pleased.

Ben Powell

Jun 11, 2021

Samantha McKinney from Renter’s Warehouse did an amazing job for us! She was always available for questions and kept us informed in these ever changing times during the pandemic. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of renting homes and managing properties. I would definitely recommend her.

John Frazier

Feb 26, 2021

I have been fortunate to work with Cassie Parker recently. The knowledge she provides the offices potential clients is huge. If you are an investor or needing to find a solution due to an upcoming transfer Cassie and her team will help you get it done from their Hampton Roads office. 

Mark Ainley

Mar 10, 2021

Angelique Bolton is the best realtor ever! She has helped us rent several of our properties. She is always responsive and helpful. I will never go to anyone else, she’s the best. I trust her judgement on potential renters, I know I can count on her when my properties need to be rented. Thank you Angelique.

Maria Birmingham

Jan 21, 2021

I'm a Realtor in Hampton Roads. My company specializes in sales only, and I often assist clients with purchasing investment properties. Renters Warehouse is my go-to for my clients in need of property management services!! Specifically, Cassie Parker is who I refer all of my clients to, as she is extremely professional.

Melissa Dupuis

Dec 28, 2020

These guys are the best when it comes to property management. My military commitments mean I’m not always around but I sleep easy knowing my property is in good hands. I had the privilege of working with Angelique Bolton and I will work with her ten times over. She is super responsive and does a good job in explaining.

Derrick Appiah

Dec 18, 2020

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