The partner you choose to help grow your real estate investment wealth is a critical decision. When it comes to managing your rental property portfolio, you need a property manager who offers a hassle-free way to build your portfolio and grow your long-term wealth through Rent Estate™.

How do you find a property manager like that? You have plenty of options for your pick of property management Chesapeake, VA, but only true experts will become the partner you need to help you meet your financial goals.

partner comes alongside to support you and the things that are important to your future. That kind of property management relationship is more than simply paying someone to keep an eye on your investment properties. What does it look like to partner with the right property manager? Look for these qualities in your Professional Landlord!


They Set You up for Success

The path to investment property management can start anywhere along your journey—whether you are new to growing your portfolio or you've been in the game for a while. The key to getting on the right path can be choosing the rightproperty management Chesapeake, VA.

When you start that partnership, you join forces with someone who helps set you up for success with every property in your real estate portfolio. Your Professional Landlord takes a strategic look at each current property and every new property you add, leaving no stone unturned.


It Starts With Analysis

The only way to know if your investments add profit to your portfolio is by running the right kind of price analysis. It's more than ROI—although that's a critical metric. It's a full-scope market assessment that tells you if your property is losing money or generating a profit—and if you could be earning even more money from your Rent Estate™.

A Rental Price Analysis is one of the best perks of partnering with the right property management Chesapeake, VA. They look at everything that influences the success of each property in your portfolio, including:

  • Your current monthly rental price
  • The rental rates for similar properties in your area
  • The condition of your property
  • Rental market conditions
  • What Chesapeake, VA, renters want in a home
  • The expenses for the property.

With that kind of information in hand, your property manager helps you do one of the most critical things for the success of your investment property: set the ideal monthly rental rate; your bullseye price.

Plenty of other variables affect the success of your property—but the wrong rental rate can cost you a significant amount of money and get you off track from your long-term financial goals. However, the monthly rent isn't the only way your expert property manager partners with you to boost your income!


They Prioritize Maintenance

  • The most successful rental properties are in excellent physical condition.
  • They are well-maintained year-round to provide a safe and enjoyable living environment for your tenants.
  • If you own multiple investment properties, you'll quickly find it challenging to keep each one in top condition throughout the year. 

You'll find an even more significant challenge when it's time to respond to emergency maintenance issues from multiple properties!

Your property management Chesapeake, VA, partner knows the crucial maintenance needed for each property in your portfolio. Poor maintenance is one of the most significant reasons that tenants leave a rental property! With that in mind, one of the best ways to improve your tenant retention and renew more leases is to prioritize maintenance for all of your properties. A Professional Landlord can help you do just that!


It Can't Be an Afterthought!

The best expert providers of property management Chesapeake, VA, understand that maintenance isn't just a thing you do to keep properties livableit's a proactive part of successful Rent Estate™. Waiting for maintenance to "happen" will put your property in disrepair sooner than you think! 

  • Properties in poor condition will cost you tenants
  • Properties without property maintenance require expensive repairs.

Your ideal property management partner understands this! They don't wait for maintenance to be a "need." They know that professional maintenance is much-needed—and it's a priority. 

  • Your Professional Landlord should keep a regular schedule of property inspections and preventative maintenance to make sure your properties are ready to weather each season.
  • These inspections also help you keep an eye on how your tenants take care of your properties.
  • Routine inspections help you catch a repair before it turns into a significant issue.

Your tenant might not think to report a running toilet or a dripping faucet, but without a quick repair, those small plumbing issues could turn into a busted pipe and significant water damage. 

While tenants are responsible for taking good care of your rental homes while they live there, property investors must provide maintenance services for their investment properties. To make sure you find tenants that will live responsibly in your investment properties, you need a property management partner that understands how to screen for quality renters!


They Put Your Property in Good Hands

  • Your investment properties are significant assets.
  • You offer a competitive rental rate for a well-maintained property.
  • Now you need to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands by choosing a terrible tenant! 
You won't be involved with your properties daily, but your tenants live there every day throughout the term of their leases. How can you trust people you don't know to not damage your property? They also need to pay the rent on time and follow the rules outlined in the lease agreement. 
A bad tenant is an expensive problem: when you have multiple properties, it's critical to make sure you have the best tenants in your properties! Damages caused by your renters, late rent payments, and eviction are expensive issues that can delay your long-term financial goals.

How Do You Find the Right Tenants?

  • When you partner with the right property management Chesapeake, VA, your investment properties are in the right hands to handle the tenant placement process.
  • Your property manager will only put a tenant in your property when they trust they've found a renter that will respect your rental and follow the rules.
  • thorough screening process helps you avoid terrible tenants while placing ideal tenants in your properties.

Your Professional Landlord understands the kind of tenants you want in your properties. They have a tried-and-true screening process that includes:

  • Credit history
  • Background checks
  • Employment and income verification
  • Reference checks.

Based on your "ideal tenant criteria," your property manager chooses the best tenants for your properties—but it's not over yet! Your property manager also makes sure your tenants pay the rent on time and follow the rules of the lease agreement. 

When your investment properties are in the hands of the right property manager, you can trust that your properties are in the right tenants' hands, too. 


Choose Your Property Management Partner Wisely!

When you understand the critical details that help you along the path to a profitable real estate portfolio, you realize the importance of choosing the right property management partner in Chesapeake! As your partner, Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads knows how essential it is to learn about your financial goals and make sure everything we do aligns with your real estate investment plans. 

Remember that critical Rental Price Analysis? We start with that—for every investment property—to help set you up for success with your bullseye price. You're in good hands with us from the beginning! Let's get started on helping you reach your financial freedom with the power of Rent Estate™!

Learn why people trust us with their homes.


Special thanks to Amy with Renters Warehouse! She was able to rent our property in 2 days!! Since this is my first time renting my home I was a bit nervous. However, Renters Warehouse made this a walk in the park for me. It has now been 5 months and I am still very impressed with their professionalism.

Jenny Smith

May 25, 2021

Carlos is definitely a professional landlord!! Always responsive to both my tenants and I, goes above and beyond when I'm unable to make decisions due to my location. He is super helpful and I'm so happy to have him working with our family. He's organized and gets the job done!

Marla Miller Chong

May 23, 2021

Been using renters warehouse for 2 years now on a single family home and I have been very happy with the service our renters warehouse team has given us. We are first time landlords and they made the process very smooth and helped us navigate quite a few challenges.

Daniel Stamatis

Apr 29, 2021

Renters Warehouse has been managing my property for years. Carlos Jerez is my current maintenance coordinator managing my property and has been extremely reliable! Very prompt and always keeping me abreast of every situation. Thank you!

Loureann L

Mar 19, 2021

John Creighton did a great job finding a quality tenant in just 2 days! He made showings extremely accommodating for our schedules and was quick to respond with any questions we had. Renters Warehouse has been managing our properties for several years and couldn’t be more pleased.

Ben Powell

Jun 11, 2021

Samantha McKinney from Renter’s Warehouse did an amazing job for us! She was always available for questions and kept us informed in these ever changing times during the pandemic. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of renting homes and managing properties. I would definitely recommend her.

John Frazier

Feb 26, 2021

I have been fortunate to work with Cassie Parker recently. The knowledge she provides the offices potential clients is huge. If you are an investor or needing to find a solution due to an upcoming transfer Cassie and her team will help you get it done from their Hampton Roads office. 

Mark Ainley

Mar 10, 2021

Angelique Bolton is the best realtor ever! She has helped us rent several of our properties. She is always responsive and helpful. I will never go to anyone else, she’s the best. I trust her judgement on potential renters, I know I can count on her when my properties need to be rented. Thank you Angelique.

Maria Birmingham

Jan 21, 2021

I'm a Realtor in Hampton Roads. My company specializes in sales only, and I often assist clients with purchasing investment properties. Renters Warehouse is my go-to for my clients in need of property management services!! Specifically, Cassie Parker is who I refer all of my clients to, as she is extremely professional.

Melissa Dupuis

Dec 28, 2020

These guys are the best when it comes to property management. My military commitments mean I’m not always around but I sleep easy knowing my property is in good hands. I had the privilege of working with Angelique Bolton and I will work with her ten times over. She is super responsive and does a good job in explaining.

Derrick Appiah

Dec 18, 2020

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