Your property management team here at Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads is monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We realize that this is a challenging time for our owners and tenants, and we want to assure you that you always have a home with us! We are here for you.

  • To our residents: We understand that you're spending more time at home right now than usual. We know your rental home is your place of safety and stability, and our team is working hard to make sure you feel safe and secure in your home. 
  • To our owners: Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads knows this is an equally stressful time for you. You can trust that your properties and residents are in good hands, and we're doing everything we can to serve you well! While how we serve you might look a little different for a while, we fully expect to provide the same excellent service we always have.

Stay Up-To-Date With Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads

Be sure to check back here for information updates. You can also reach us directly at

For Current News Updates and Aid Resources

Aside from this page, residents and owners can stay up-to-date about the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and the ways our community and nation are responding using the following federal, state, and local resources.

News Sources

Tax Information

The federal government has extended the deadline for filing your taxes. Residents and owners can stay informed about what that means for your personal and business taxes through these links. 

Unemployment or Wage Reduction Assistance

If you are experiencing job loss or a reduction in wages due to COVID-19 changes that apply to your job or business, these resources can help. 

Rent Assistance

A sudden change in your finances due to COVID-19 can make it difficult to pay your rent. Use these local resources for rent assistance during this time. 

Food and Other Essentials

There's no need for Virginia-area residents to go without food and other household essentials during this time. Reach out to our local charities, food bank, and other area resources for help. Be sure to contact these organizations ahead of time to make sure they are offering services and how to follow COVID-19 protocols to receive items. 

Many local churches and nonprofits are also offering help to area residents. Check online community resources to find assistance near you. 

For Healthcare Needs

If you experience an emergency, call 911. Be sure to answer all operator answers completely and directly so they can send the help you need. To protect our first responders, please follow current health and safety protocols when seeking assistance.

If you suspect that you have symptoms of COVID-19, call your nearest hospital before arriving. Consult the list below to find your nearest hospital. 

When visiting a patient at any of our area hospitals, be sure to confirm changes to visitation hours and other hospital protocols. For updates, use the resources below: 

Our Operations

Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads has adjusted how we work to keep our team, residents, and owners safe. While we are working remotely to honor the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Northam, we are still available and working during regular business hours. 

  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm (by appointment only)
  • Estimated Request Response Times: 

    - Non-emergency: 12-24 hours
    - Emergency: 2 hours or less

Our goal is to make sure our owners and residents feel that we are operating from the perspective of "business as usual," even though we've adjusted how we're working throughout this time!

How Are You Handling Maintenance Requests? 

To keep everyone safe, we are taking every precaution during these times. For the short-term, please avoid requesting non-emergency maintenance until further notice. This helps us prioritize emergencies while minimizing close contact.

If we do need to enter your home for service, our vendors are trained in social distancing protocols and know how to perform according to these standards while completing work quickly, safely, and effectively.  

Are You Suspending Rent or Evictions?

At this time, we are following national guidelines and rules for collecting rent. We recommend doing everything you can to make rent payments on time to avoid the consequences of eviction in the future. Reaching out to federal, state, and local resources for assistance is advised.


Tenants must still pay the rent on time. However, if you are experiencing a COVID-19-related financial challenge and cannot pay your rent, please contact us right away at

What Should I Do About Mortgage Payments?

There are certain options available to owners concerning mortgage relief, depending on your lender. We recommend doing everything you can to make your mortgage payments on time to avoid the financial consequences of foreclosure. Reaching out to federal, state, and local resources for assistance early is a safe way to start.


If you need to request a forbearance on your property mortgage payments, contact your lender directly. You may also qualify for protections under the new CARES Act.

We're in This Together!

Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads understands that we are experiencing, collectively, an unprecedented time for our nation. We're all in this together, and until the storm passes, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep those we serve updated. Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!