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What Skills Work in Property Management, Newport News, VA, Investors?

What Skills Work in Property Management, Newport News, VA, Investors?

Making the commitment to grow your investment property business with professional property management is one of the best decisions you can make! Now you're probably wondering: what traits or skills should I look for in a property manager? 

Not all Newport News VA property managers provide the same services—or the same quality of service. Simply taking property management tasks off of your plate isn't enough if you want to make more money from your investment properties! You need the best property management Newport News, VA, offers investors; the kind that delivers the best service for investors and residents while you watch your long-term income grow. 

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How can investors know which property manager is the best one for their needs? Follow these tips, and don't settle for anything less than the best local experts!

Professionalism First

You know the first impression of your property can either help you find better quality residents or turn them away. The first impression you get from a property manager should do the same for you when deciding on the best company for your properties!

  • If you aren't immediately impressed with their professionalism, they aren't likely to execute their services in a professional way.
  • Your property management company should be an extension of the excellence and professionalism you want for each of your properties and your residents' experiences.

You won't have to look very far to get a feel for a company's professional way of delivering services (or lack thereof)! It starts from your first Google search for property management, Newport News, VA, investors! Expert property managers demonstrate:

  • A modern, up-to-date website: If their website information is out of date—or you can't find the information you need about services—that can be a red flag. A property management company that wants your business has an easy-to-navigate website with readily-available information about services and expertise. 
  • A clean, organized office: When you set up a face-to-face meeting with a potential property manager, take notice of their office. Even if you meet virtually, keep an eye on how they communicate and what's in the background or piled on a desk during the video session. Clutter and disorganization can indicate services that operate the same way. 
  • Professional marketing materials: Do they have brochures or business cards? Any marketing materials and communication (including email templates) should have a professional look and tone. 

You can tell a lot about how a property manager will care for your property and residents by how they care for their own client-facing business materials. If they don't put time and care into marketing themselves well with a user-friendly website and a clean office space—even if it's a work-from-home space—keep looking for a more professional property management company to take care of your assets. 

Their Digital Operations

We live and work in an increasingly digital age, and your residents need property management that has adapted to that trend. Renters rely on and appreciate the technology that helps them find their next Newport News, VA, rental home, fill out a rental application, pay the rent, and keep in touch with property owners or management. 

Your property manager must be on top of online technology to provide the best service to you and your residents! When interviewing property managers, ask about:

  • Online rent payments for residents: We know that in a widespread health crisis, collecting paper rent checks delays income for property owners. For many reasons, paper checks are no longer a reliable option to collect the rent. Your property manager must offer an online payment system
  • Online portals for statements and communications: Staying up-to-date on the status of our property should be easy! Your property manager must offer a secure online space for you to view financial information and stay informed.

You risk losing excellent residents and money-saving efficiencies with a property manager that isn't technology-oriented! Property management companies who have adapted to a digitally-driven industry and way of life will keep residents happier and improve your bottom line.

References and Reviews

Don't make your final decision without insight from third-party sources! Read resident and property owner reviews about the property management companies on your shortlist of partners for consideration. If you find an overwhelming volume of bad reviews, it's probably smart to take that company off of your list.

You can also ask a property management company for references. If they want your business and stand by their services, they'll have readily-available references for you to chat with about what it's like to work with them. 

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Choose Only the Best Property Management in Newport News!

We know it can feel like an overwhelming decision to choose the right property management, Newport News, VA, investors! Managing your investment assets and helping grow your income is a hefty responsibility—but don't stress! The Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads Rent Estate™ Advisors are here to help. 

We're happy to talk with you about the benefits of expert property management and help you make the right decision for your properties and long-term financial success! To learn more about what we do (and what key traits you should be looking for in a property management partner), download your free copy of our Guide to Finding the Best Property Manager in Hampton Roads, Virginia!