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What Crucial Maintenance Does Your Hampton Roads Rental Property Need?

What Crucial Maintenance Does Your Hampton Roads Rental Property Need?

One of the biggest headaches of being a landlord is dealing with property maintenance. Even the most reliable, quiet tenants are bound to have a work order at some point. However, it's a given that sound investment property in Hampton Roads is sure to have preventive upkeep to be done.

Efficiently handling tenant maintenance issues is one of the best ways to increase your tenant's satisfaction. However, managing the maintenance of your properties can be stressful and time-consuming. Hiring a property management company in Hampton Roads is the quickest way to take this stress off your shoulders. In this post, we'll detail some practical ways to deal with property maintenance to save costs, time, and frustration.

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Hire the Right Maintenance Vendors

It may be tempting to hire the cheapest hourly rate worker from Craigslist that you see. This mistake could cost you much more than money.

  • Putting careful time and effort into choosing your maintenance workers pays off in the long run. 
  • Problems are fixed quickly and friendly, leading to greater tenant satisfaction.
  • Reliable maintenance vendors should be licensed, insured, and bonded.

Even with skilled workers, things could go haywire and cause damage to your home. An insured maintenance vendor keeps your overall risk low and can compensate for losses should accidents happen.

Search around for reputable maintenance businesses in Hampton Roads near you. Pay attention to their reviews and licenses.

  • Are they performing maintenance only on what they are licensed for?
  • Be wary of any vendor who promises the cheapest rates—they may not be fixing the extent of the maintenance issue.
  • Call the companies you are interested in and ask questions about their experience and if they offer any guarantees for their services.

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When it comes to screening vendors, you have a tried-and-true shortcut: an expert property management companies in Hampton Roads have already forged a list of reliable contractors. They work to foster beneficial relationships with several maintenance vendors to pass savings and satisfaction on to the owners they manage investment properties for.

If You Can Fix It, Should You?

It may be extremely tempting to handle all maintenance issues with a "do-it-yourself" approachbut be very cautious with this. Taking on a problem you are not prepared to fix can cause much more damage to your property. Failing to handle the issue in a timely fashion properly can also cause grievances with your tenants, which ultimately can damage your relationship with them—and cause them to move out sooner than you'd hoped. When you are considering fixing a maintenance issue yourself, think of the following questions:

  • How confident am I that this can be fixed right the first time?
  • If I was a professional, would I need a license to perform this maintenance? 
  • What is the most damage my maintenance can cause if things were to go wrong?

There are preventive measures you can take as a homeowner to lessen the damage. The exact preventive measures to take—and which measures to designate to vendors—is a great discussion to have with a property management company that you trust.

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Common Maintenance Issues—and the Vendors to Fix Them

There are several common issues that occur most often in rental homes, which makes fostering a relationship with a list of reputable vendors in Hampton Roads a serious asset. Building relationships with these vendors may cut down on costs and turnaround time in the future. As we mentioned earlier, an expert property manager in Hampton Roads will have already done the work of finding vendors for you.

Some of the most common maintenance issues tenants experience:

  • Broken HVAC: Finding a fantastic HVAC repair company in Hampton Roads to turn to is vital in being a successful homeowner with happy tenants. Look for companies with extended and weekend hours and on-call availability. Your tenants will significantly appreciate the quick fix of their A/C when it goes out in the middle of July. 
  • Sewage backup in drains: A qualified plumber is another essential contact for rental homeowners. With a variety of plumbing issues that could occur, it's helpful to have a master plumber just a phone call away. 
  • Garage door failure: Fixing an overhead door is very difficult for most homeowners. A reliable overhead door repair company can be a saving grace when a tenant has their car trapped in the garage. 

Can Tenants Handle Some Maintenance?

Landlords can—and should—expect their tenants to take on a small fraction of the maintenance responsibilities.

  • Detail what the tenant is responsible for maintaining in the lease.
  • Simple things—such as changing light bulbs and air filters—can be easily handled by the tenant.
  • Fresh air filters reduce A/C maintenance work orders, so it's best to remind the tenant periodically to change their A/C filter.
  • Instruct tenants to routinely check their smoke detectors and change the batteries as soon as they are low.
  • This preventive maintenance can then be enforced by the lease to protect your home. 

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Handling maintenance on your rental home is a daunting task—but it doesn't have to be! It's essential to know your limits as an individual landlord.

When you choose a trusted property management partner like Renters Warehouse Hampton Roads, property maintenance becomes far less of a hassle. We've been working with investment properties in Hampton Roads like yours for years, and we know how to save you money when it comes to maintenance. Contact us today for a free consultation: we make managing your American Dream through Rent Estate  easy!